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Are you looking to expand your vision outside of your church’s four walls?
Perfect Eye Productions LLC can help you expand your reach.

• Live video solutions, multi-camera switching, & live streaming
• Broadcast quality live graphics & video projection solutions
• On site DVD Duplication

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Live Production


Perfect Eye Productions LLC Has You Covered For All
Your Live Event Video Production Needs


Multi-Cam HD Video

Using HD multi-camera video production is the only way to ensure that every important aspect of your event has the proper video coverage without missing any important action. With options from tripod mounted cameras, handheld, jib (crane), and steady-cam, we provide broadcast level quality video that ensures your event will not only be covered, but be engaging as well.

Hard Drive Recording

All of our live events are recorded in ProRes format. We can record multiple angles as well as the main program feed which can be used in post-production. After recording, you can simply take your hard drive(s) and hook them up to any computer and start editing your video files. Or have our video post-production experts handle it for you.

Broadcast Motion Graphics

Give your video a true professional look with high quality motion graphics. Our broadcast quality motion graphics gives you custom branded media including title/info screens, lower thirds, on air bugs, transitions, and more. This process ensures that you not only look great, but that your videos are branded to your ministry.

Live Video Streaming

Live-stream your event to the world or just a select group. We can make the live stream "free to join" or use a "pay preview" option. Accepting payment for admission is a great revenue stream to expand your audience attendance. With our live streaming, we can ensure your event will be optimized for all web devices, secure, and fast.

Highlight Reel

Let us create a highlight reel that demonstrates how awesome your events are - remind people how much they learned - and brag to those who missed out. We take the best moments, the most important facts, natural audience reactions and combine them into relivable unforgettable moments. Highlight reels sell future events and promote your message to the world.

Highlight Reel