Terms and Conditions


Production and editorial control: The Client has had ample opportunity to critically view Perfect Eye Productions work, and has retained Perfect Eye Productions as the exclusive official videographer to cover the event. The Client grants Perfect Eye Productions full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of production and post-production. Perfect Eye Productions makes no guarantees either expressed or implied in regard to aesthetic qualities of the completed video production. The Client agrees to entrust all editing decisions to the experience and creativity of Perfect Eye Productions. A post production fee of $50 per hour will be applied to any changes requested by The Client after completion of the production.

Restrictions: The Client is aware that restrictions imposed by others (i.e. photographers, church, reception facility, guests, etc.), and the constraints of the physical environment, safety, weather and acts of God can affect the quality and extent of video coverage’s possible. The Client is responsible for obtaining all permissions and clearances, etc., and adequate shelter from precipitation and extreme temperatures as required for Perfect Eye Productions to operate.

Property Rights: The Client warrants that he, /she has the legal rights to anything Perfect Eye Productions will videotape, including photos, musical recording, videotapes, or any other material delivered to Perfect Eye Productions for inclusion in The Client's DVD. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold Perfect Eye Productions harmless for any loss, damage, or liability for infringement of any rights arising from the use or sale of tapes or DVD's the client hires Perfect Eye Productions to produce, edit or duplicate.

Overtime: whenever activities extend beyond the agreed upon length of the time of coverage and The Client requests extended coverage, overtime will be billed in half hour increments at the current rate of $200 per hour, until such time as The Client departed or informs Perfect Eye Productions to discontinue.

Delivery of DVD: Normal delivery of The Clients DVD is within four to eight weeks of the event. The delivery schedule is only approximate, and, among other factors, is dependent on Perfect Eye Productions having received all production materials supplied by The Client for inclusion in the DVD. An extended delivery schedule necessary for proper completion of the event DVD will not void this contract.

Additional Fees: A minimum $50 travel fee will be added for events occurring outside our normal service area (45 mile radius from our location).

 Coupons: Coupons must be mentioned at time of booking. They may not be combined with any other offer or special. Coupons are NOT permitted on DVD products at events such as; recitals, plays, and seminars. You must forfeit your coupon for discount. We do not double Coupons. We do not accept coupons from other vendors. If you have any further questions regarding coupons feel free to contact us.

Payment: An initial deposit Fee of $300.00 is required with the signed contract to hold shooting dates and pre-production video planning. Reservation fees are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due (2) two weeks before your event dateA $50.00 late fee will be charged for late payment. A $45.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.

DVD Return Policy: All DVD sales are final. Since DVDs can be copied, there are no refunds on DVDs and/or videos. AFTER you receive your DVD(s).

DVD pre-orders may be cancelled (prior to you receiving your DVDs) and you will receive a complete refund of the original purchase price paid.